Aaron Woodall

Co-Host of Mormon and the Meth-Head

Adored by mothers everywhere, Aaron Woodall is a nice young man coming to grips with a dirty, cynical world. Whether it be the lack of car horns for polite people, or the horrors of childbirth, or the disappointing reality of true love, Aaron always shares his disillusions with a sense of with wide-eyed excitement.

His unique perspective has been entertaining sold-out comedy clubs and half-empty bars across the West for the last six years. In 2015, Aaron made his national television debut when he performed on “Laughs” on Fox. In 2016 he was a host of the hidden camera pranks show “Random Acts” on BYUtv, until they replaced him with someone better in season 2.

He has competed in several prestigious festivals including the Big Sky Comedy Fest, Inside Jokes Los Angeles, The Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, where he was a finalist, The World Series of Comedy, where he was a quarter-finalist, and NYC’s Devil Cup, where he was a finalist. He’s never won anything.

Aaron Woodall has hosted 27 episodes.